About Us

Campbell Technology Limited was established in 1987.
Originally called Campbell Software Limited, the company was formed to distribute a software peer to peer network product called LANtastic , manufactured by Artisoft.
Subsequently additional network and communications products were added to our catalog to provide our customers te mans to share, communicate andmanage their devices on the their Local Area Network.
Products such as Co-Session, RightFAX, WinFAX Pro, Quarterdeck QEMM, GammaFAX, Brooktrout and Dialogic to name a few.
In 1997 ZyXEL were the leading manufacturer of BRI ISDN Modems and Routers and as the Internet was fast growing this was the fastest method to connect to the World Wide Web. This gave customers  64K or 128K intenet connections - and was a huge imrovemet over the normal 33k or 56 asynchronous analog modems of the time. ZyXEL have now grown to be one of the top VDSL CPE providers worldwide and we now can offer VDSL2 CPE with download speeds in excess of 50Mbps - a huge advance on the earlier 64/128K connections of last century.
We first saw Mikrotik in 2004 and started importing for use as point to point wireless links and hotspots. Mikrotik represent one of the most cost effective solutions for routing and for wireless, be it for business or ISP use, Mikrotik has an excellent product range. In 2014 Campbell Technology became the first certified NZ trainer for Mikrotik and now offer MTCNA, MTCRE, MTCWE, MTCTCE, MTCINE and MTCSE courses, and are authorized consultants since 2010.