If your call is warranty related please download the RMA form below and submit it back via e-mail. (Please read what is not covered by Warranty below).
Campbell Technology Limited offer a 12 Month Return to Depot Warranty on all new product sold. No other warranty is expressed or implied unless in writing from Campbell Technology Limited.
Used, Second Hand or ex-Demo equipment is sold without warranty unless specifically stated in writing.


RMA Form - Download

If you need to know how to configure your product, set up a VPN, or network design services (which all are chargeable) please contact our technical support by calling (04) 802-7800 or e-mailing Support "at" campbell.co.nz (We spell it this way to foil spammers). We charge in 1/2 hourly increments and are happy to quote you before commencing any work.

Hours of service are 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday. See Support Rates (Note we work until 5:00pm but any calls received after 4:00pm are addressed the next day to allow us to complete all  jobs.)

Please prepare a network diagram drawing so we can understand your network and requirements before calling us. If you don't have a special program to draw layouts, you can use The Dude - make your network layout and export it to an image! Other free programs to make network layouts: 

Network notepadhttp://www.networknotepad.com/


Product Warranty DOES NOT cover:

A.   Service Calls which are not related to any defect in the Product. The cost of a service call will be charged if the problem is not found to be a Product fault. For example:

1. Correcting the installation or settings of the product

2. Instructing you on how to use the product

3. Correcting faults caused by the user

B.  Defects caused by incorrect installation or improper installation. For example

1. Mounting or installing the product in an area where it may subject to adverse temperatures or weather conditions

2. Physical or electrical damage to the product

3. Issues caused by Power Fluctuation or use of an improper PSU.

C.  Forward Replacements

1. Suspected faulty equipment must be returned to be repaired or replaced as determined by the manufacturer. It is your responsibility to carry stock to facilitate forward replacements for critical equipment.  This policy is in place as the majority of product returned as faulty turns out to be misconfigured or in need of a simple software reload.