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Network Design Tool (NDT) - Release 2.8.0

September 26, 2019


New Features

CSV Export

  • The CSV export feature supports PTP links only. Two distinct CSV export formats are supported: Simple-PTP and Extended-PTP. The Simple-PTP format is compatible with the CSV import feature. The Extended-PTP format is a more advanced format and includes many additional fields. Please note that only the metric system units are used in the exported file.



  • Added A/B endpoint labels to the elevation map.


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing group name changes.
  • Fixed an issue with FIPS codes in Form 477 submissions.

Network Design Tool (NDT) - Release 2.7.0

July 29, 2019


New Features

CSV Import

  • The CSV import feature supports both PTP links and PTMP access points. Sample CSV files are provided both for PTP links and PTMP access points. Imported devices get defaults (such as the PTP antenna height) from user options. Imported devices are indicated with a different color until they are reviewed and saved. There is a current limit of max. 500 devices per CSV file.



  • Added the Jirous-1800 44 dBi antenna.
  • Updated the C5c and C5x frequency ranges to go up to 6405 MHz.
  • Updated the A5 and A5c frequency ranges to go up to 6200 MHz.
  • Improved the address search to return fewer superfluous results.


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a bug in the rendering of elevation maps for PTP links.
  • Fixed the display of SNR values in PTP link infoboxes.
  • Fixed a bug wherein changing the Channel Bandwidth from the left pane had no effect.