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Dialogic IP Media Server

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The Dialogic® IP Media Server is a carrier-grade, software-based product that leverages the simplicity, openness, and flexibility of SIP, VoiceXML, and MSCML to provide a cost-effective and scalable IP media server solution. The Dialogic® IP Media Server is field-proven on a wide range of industry-standard hardware platforms that run Red Hat Linux, and it can be used to power a broad range of traditional and media-rich next-generation services for wireline, wireless, and broadband networks, including the IMS network architecture.

Because of its flexible and easily scalable architecture, the Dialogic® IP Media Server can be used to tryout a new service on a single low-cost server or to deploy a high-capacity solution using blade-server technology.

Features Benefits
Industry-standard SIP/XML interfaces leverage SIP, VoiceXML, MSCML, NETANN and MRCP protocols, and web standardsSupports enhanced service applications and application servers from a wide variety of leading vendors while also enabling the development of  custom solutions
Powered by a flexible software-only media server architectureAble to scale easily from a service trial on a single server and to a high-capacity solution with redundancy in either a single centralized facility or in distributed network environment
Advanced voice and video processing  Can increase service velocity by enabling rapid development and deployment of innovative voice and video services
Can be used on a wide range of industry-standard hardware platforms: Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) servers, NEBS-compliant blade servers, and AdvancedTCA platforms running Red Hat LinuxProvides flexibility in choosing the right platform to meet individual deployment requirements  
Supplies rich multimedia processing for transcoding, DTMF tone detection, speaker identification and verification, video play and record, conference mixing, and simultaneous play/recordSupports a wide range of enhanced services to provide a common, lower cost platform for centralized services
 Integrated Dialogic® Brooktrout® SR140 Fax Software fax processing capabilitySimplifies fax service deployment since no boards need to be installed, maintained, or stocked
Supports incremental service roll-out through multi-service platformLowers costs and shortens the time needed to trial or deploy innovative new services
Designed for carrier grade operationsSuited to meet the demanding reliability, performance, and scalability requirements of carriers

  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Dialogic

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