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SiteBoss 410

RRP: $1,997.00 + GST

Product Overview

Plug the holes in your SNMP network management system - manage everything that impacts your network.

The SiteBoss 410 Enclosure Monitoring Unit helps you prevent unexpected downtime due to non-networked, non-SNMP devices and environmental conditions that are normally outside the scope of your SNMP network management system (NMS). Now you can integrate these “other” elements into your NMS without custom programming. The SiteBoss 410 provides inexpensive insurance for your small equipment closets, remote enclosures and other mission-critical, remote sites.

The SiteBoss 410 is specifically designed for use in small outdoor enclosures used in today’s modern broadband and cellular applications. The SiteBoss 410 runs on either +24VDC or -48VDC, as well as AC power for most countries in the world. Its wide operating temperature range makes it a good choice for cabinets in harsh conditions. The SiteBoss 410 is priced for projects with deployments into hundreds or thousands of sites where shaving every dollar counts.

Non-networked devices may indicate alarm states only with contact closures. These devices are easy to monitor – simply run a paired wire between any dry contact closure output and the SiteBoss 410. Almost immediately you can monitor backup power, electronic equipment, door contacts, air conditioning units, generators and a variety of other devices.

Output relays help you control equipment and devices in remote locations. You may activate lights, cameras, HVAC systems, sirens and other devices. Output states can be controlled manually via SNMP “set.”

Temperature and humidity sensors can be used to detect threatening conditions such as fires, floods or overheating before your critical equipment is damaged or destroyed. Other environmental sensors may be incorporated easily via contact closure inputs: water sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, smoke detectors and many others.

Save hundreds of dollars per equipment rack by having the SiteBoss 410 provide power for small hubs or routers up to 1 amp in +24VDC and -48VDC environments.

Up to 23 specific SNMP Traps can be transmitted via network to your existing SNMP management system, or the AlarmManager software provided free by Asentria. Or you can query the 80 MIB object IDs for a more proactive SNMP-based monitoring system.

Notable Product Features

In addition to the general overview described above, the SiteBoss 410 can address remote management challenges with capabilities and special features such as:

  • Compatible SNMP-based network management systems.
  • Pass-through access to one serial device
  • Up to 8 on-board dry contact closure inputs
  • On-Board Temperature Sensor
  • On-Board Humidity Sensor
  • Extended Temperature Range
  • Up to 2 Voltage Sensors
  • Remote Console Port Access
  • Alarm Notification Options
  • Free Alarm Software
  • Easy Custom Modifications
  • Rack Mountable

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  • Model: 206-SB410
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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 22 August, 2008.